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can grow good cells, does it grow bad cells? i'm sitting here no feelings in right two fingers because of a disc problem in c-7. do i want it fix? believe me, i believe in certain performance enhancing drugs, and i have two kids, three and six, and thank god for some enhancing drugs. (laughter) >> i'm not going to go near that. and i'm a fan had watched it my whole life. appreciate you being object the show. thank you for doing this. >> always, my pleasure. >> sean: there we go, johnnie bench. update you on a story we have been covering here on hannity and we just got word at that the oxygen network pulled the plug on "all my babies' mamas" reality show about a rapper who fathered 11 kids ten different mothers and we can collectively breathe a sigh of relief. the culture could be saved
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after all. all the time we have left this evening, thank you for joining us, let not your heart be troubled. greta is next on the record. see you here tomorrow night. greta, take it away. >> greta: and tonight, a republican congressman threatening president obama with impeachment. that congressman is here. plus, much more straight ahead, including a shocking update on that controversial new reality show, the one starring a man who has 11 babies with ten women. no joke. "on the record" starts right now. >> the freshman lawmakers vows to stop president obama from using any sort of executive action to limit second amendment rights. republican steve stockman going as far he would go as far to the white house, and file articles of impeachment. >> the president and the second amendment, also understands limits what can be achieved with congressional
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action, which is why he's calling on congress. >> and obama uses kids as hume shields and wrote letters from knewtown and bring them up there to show of sport from the president to do something about guns. >> i think the republican party right now is having an identity problem. there's also a dark, a dark vein of intolerance in some parts of the party. what do i mean by that? what i mean by that is they still sort of look down on minorities. >> i disagree with general powell's assessment of the republican party today. we have a work to do on a number of issues, i don't think that has anything to do with tolerance. >> a new warning about the united states and our credit rating as the debt battle kicks into high gear. we have to pay our bill and the republican congress have two choices they can act responsibly and pay america's
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bills or they can act irresponsibly and put america through another economic crisis. >> we ask the journal news, what are you thinking? have you really thought this through? we are here today to inform the journal news that you have placed the safety of every active and retired law enforcement officer and their family in jeopardy. we will hold you accountable for your actions. we say to janet, shame on you. >> when the money came a lot of women came. >> he might be known as a rapper, here in atlanta known for having 11 kids and ten baby mamas. ♪ >> to get one, i had to deal with 11. nine girls and two boys.
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>> greta: all that's incredible. we have that and much more in minutes, but first, the republican congressman steve shockman warning president obama, actually threatening to seek impeachment. why the threat? congressman joins us, nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> greta: tell me congressman, why do you want impeachment. president. >> as i told in my statement we want all tools available to use, including that impeachment, but i think that the limelight focused on that, but we talked with lawsuits and the reason we're doing this, we have a president who stepped over the line, has taken his authority. most executive orders are really meant for the executive branch. he's using it really for legislative and skipping the congress, that's a violation of the constitution. we believe we have grounds, including a very prominent people like ed meese things we have standing. >> greta: and the president, he can go two routes, either work with congress.
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>> right. >> greta: come up-- >> proper. >> greta: you have no problem with that. >> no, that's the way it works. >> greta: you may not be for or against the package, but that's the way it's done, but if he elects to make changes or issue executive orders, that's when you're going to step in? >> i think if he steps over the constitutional line, he's got 19-- he's going to issue 19 executives orders, if it preaches his authority into legislation, which impedes on the constitution, we have-- you're a lawyer better than me, but we have the right to take different steps to counter that. a lot of people are frustrated with the republicans not fighting back and i for one was, too, i was on the sidelines and got involved with congress and i said enough is enough, and we need to stand up and fight that. and i said, these kind of tools are available it to us and we're going to use every tool possible to fight an administration which wants to abrogate the constitution. >> greta: who is we? are all the republicans -- what's your level of we in the house of representatives.
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>> and we, a mouse in the pocket. and it's frustrating watching the administration use executive orders to the detriment of the congress. the congress is the people's house, we want to see the process continue in a normal way in which, if he believes his bills are good they should go to the people's house and then in that way, we will have a right way to determine whether it's a good law. >> greta: and tomorrow he's going to have his announcement. let's say hypothetically that he does 19 executive orders or 18 or 17 what's the first thing you'll do. >> we look at avenues outlined in my piece, cut funding, and sue in court. if he goes down that road which we feel, i think there's going to be a lot of people involved with impeachment, not just me. >> greta: are you going to speak to speaker boehner? >> of course. have you said anything to him at all so far? >> yes, we have and i think, i think they're going to wait to see what obama does, and i've
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talked with other of my colleagues, what's going on and there's a general consensus that if he steps over that line, that something has to be done. you cannot-- it's not like he's abraham lincoln, we're not at civil war. >> greta: the line i understand for executive orders on gun control, is that the line? >> no, the line is when you cross from administrative executive orders which deal with his office. >> greta: okay. >> and pass legislation during executive order. >> greta: suppose he says he's going to ban assault weapons with executive order. >> you can't do that, that's against the constitution, the constitution is very clear. >> greta: what would be your first step if he did that. >> i think we outlined multiple avenues. it's defending the constitution in any ways we can legally and that process has many different avenues. we're willing to take those to defend the constitution. i think it the right thing to do. >> greta: and we, do you have any idea how many republicans are with you. >> i know you're going to be on my side, that's two. >> greta: i don't know if i
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would be on your side, i don't have a dog-- >> when i say we, i think the american people in particular are frustrated watching this president step over the line, again and again, and i think when i say we, people, many people like myself, who are used to sitting home watching him do this are upset with the way it's going and i think there's a lot of "we"'s out there and stand up and say this is too far. >> greta: i get the question if the we's are in congress and the water that-- >> we'll see. when same time we're asking the president to go through the process. if he thinks the bills are good and laws are good, go through congress and not issue it, he's not a king. >> greta: we'll find out tomorrow whether he'll do executive orders or seek to work with congress. >> and using children, reminds me of saddam hussein would use kids-- >> that's a little bit of a stretch nice to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> greta: and president obama will have children by his side
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during the gun proposeals, listen to rush limbaugh. >> obama uses kids as human shields. the democrats use the kids as human shields. he brings these kids, supposedly who wrote letters to the white house after newtown, bring them up there to present a picture of support among the children, for the president to do something about guns. and it's going to be very difficult, very difficult to oppose it. he's got these little kids there, they don't want to die. and how can you -- how can you not listen to them? you've got to do something, that's, that's the picture. that's the image that the-- our presence of the kids is designed to create. >> greta: do you agree he with
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rush limbaugh or not? so go to and tell us. and now to former secretary of state colin powell. he is a republican and now slamming the fellow republicans, accusing the republicans party of looking down on minorities. >> i think the republican party right now is having an identity problem. there's been a significant shift to the right and we have seen what that shift has produced, to losing presidential campaigns. the country is changing demographically and if the republican party does not change along with that demographic they're going to be in trouble. there's also a dark, a dark vein of intolerance in some parts of the party. what do i mean by that? what i mean by that, they still sort of look down on minorities. >> former congressman allen west joins us, good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta, how are you doing. >> greta: i'm very well. as you might imagine when
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former secretary of state colin powell talked about the dark vein of tolerance, and republican party... i wonder your reaction to that. >> of course i have to disagree with general powell's remarks, i'm not going to get involved in some type of circling firing squad, but i think that those of us that are african-americans, that are conservatives, himself, he can recall some attacks he received as secretary of state and exactly the same thing that i received. tim scott, senator from south carolina, mia love, congressional candidate. so, we have seen a lot of attacks that have come from the left against black conservatives and it seems to me that that's an interesting target of opportunity that the left seems to feel that they have. and they continue to go back there. so there's a pit of hypocrisy and a bit of irrelevant in the statement that general powell made. >> greta: just so i'm clear, he said the republican party is essentially guilty of those
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things? are you saying that it's hypocritical, that the liberals or the left-hand side of the political spectrum that's doing this or are both parties sometimes looked down on minorities? >> well, i can tell you this from personal experience, when you have people that run ads against you calling a war criminal or a whisper campaign by left leaning campaigns accusing me of spousal abuse or you see some of the other ads that were run as far as me punching older white women, that would be something that if it was ever done by republicans, it would be absolutely not tolerated. but yet, you're allowed to do that to black conservatives. so i think that general powell instead of making a very generallylized statement like that, i've never been looked down upon in the republican party, never felt minimalized or marginlized by republicans. >> greta: are you surprised that general powell said that? does that surprise you? people think of him as
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republican, he has ep doondorse president obama many think he's moved to the democratic party or to the left. any thoughts whether this is sort of an indication that he is leaving the party or is this a -- do you think he thinks of this as a fair criticism? >> well, the motivations of general powell, you would have to ask him about that. i cannot speak to the mindset of why he would say some of these things. when i think about the principles of constitutional conservativism, i don't think that's moving to the far right. i think it's been proven in the history of this country that limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual sovereignty, a strong national defense, are best for america and ensures our future generations have the opportunities of previous generations. >> greta: let me switch to fitch warning it may downgrade credit, the american credit if we -- if the debt ceiling isn't raised. it's so important t? that we get this debt situation under control, and i think that once again, when you consider what we're doing
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to our future generations, you know, our children and our grandchildren, currently who have $53,000 debt upon them. we're eroding their possibilities and their opportunities in this great society. so i think we have to have up in washington d.c., the seriousness, to look at the true problem, which is a spending problem. look at mandatory spending programs and we have to stop the exorbitant amount of spending and we have to say, finally, we're going to stop this debt and we're going to get serious, and i think that fitch is very appropriate in saying that if they don't see a curtailing of the spending, that they're going to downgrade us. >> greta: we're going to keep our eye on this, because certainly all eyes are on this debt ceiling these days in washington. stay with us, so congressman, we have much more to talk to you after the break, but first, there is good news for the nation's veterans. the nation's largest retailer, wal-mart, now offering to hire every veteran who wants a job. wal-mart expects to hire more than $100,000 veterans in the next five years, and that is welcomed news because the unemployment rate for veterans has been higher than the
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national average. wal-mart president and ceo william simon is a navy veteran himself and he says that vets are team players and quick learners. wal-mart's new hiring program will start at memorial day. any veteran honorably discharged in the last year is eligible. and straight ahead, a rapper wi 11 children by ten different women and oxygen gave him a reality show, but there's news about "all my babies' mama" and you wonder if anybody is speaking at oxygen media. threat of retaliation, why police officers worry about a threat on their lives. threat on their lives. and lady gaga coming under as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%.
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♪ they say i'm the first lady, the mama with the most power. everybody good? everybody? and we have aka the-- >> that's a clip from "all my babies' mamas" and the oxygen network announced it's pulling the plug on the extremely controversial reality special. in it you get close and personal with rap musician shawty lo. fathered 11 children with ten different mothers and he can't name all the children. and defended himself to mtv news. >> he they talk about, okay, man he got this many kids, this and this and i show them a lot of fathers don't take care of one of them. a lot of father don't take care with one, i got to deal with 11:got to deal with nine
10:20 pm
girls and two boys and take that responsibility. and hate if you want to, but-- it just happened. >> greta: so rapper shawty lo defending his life style apparently not enough to keep his show on the air at oxygen, finally getting the hint, and network putting out a statement and reviewed casting and decided not to move forward with the special. former congressman allen west is back, congressman, first of all, i wonder who was thinking at oxygen to think it was a good idea to begin with. your thoughts on this reality show. >> well, i will have to make the statement, i'm from atlanta georgia and i found it absolutely appalling that something like this would be occurring in my hometown where family values were once upon a time a fundamental foundation of principles in the black community and i think this is a sad indictment of what we see as well as there's a young lady down in tampa, florida upwards of close to, i think, 12 or 13 children from several different men. so this is some of the challenges that we have for the future of our next generation, that we cannot
10:21 pm
allow this type of incredible cultural shift to occur and think about what that does to those children. >> greta: well, even, even take a step beyond, the idea that an entertainment organization thinks to make money off something that's obviously not a good situation, i mean, he has 11 children with ten different women and you can't name your children and some entertainment agency thinks boy, that's a great way for us to make a buck. >> well, that's horrific and i think that shows a bit of a depraved mindset of the individual that thought this would be a good topic for a reality tv show. it was horrible, but i will applaud them for hearing the outcry from the community and all across america and pulling this show. >> greta: typically i would, too, but i can't believe it got this far so it's very hard for me to applaud them now. i think it went through so many different layers. how many different people passed on this and didn't have the good sense it demeaned african-americans and demeaned women and else-- >> at least in the end they did the right thing. at least they did do the right
10:22 pm
thing. >> greta: what are you doing, sir? what are you up to? you're no longer in congress, what are you doing? >> well, that's a great segue, i joined pj media and i'll be the director of next generation program and the key thing that we're going to talk about, we're going to look at the news, current news through the lens of young americans and going to start to stand up for that next generation and we want to engage the grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren and rolling out internet tv programs, one of the programs i will have starting on the 4th of february, along with a co-host michelle phillips-- i mean, michelle fields and john phillips, a radio host out here, next generation today. in march you'll be happy to know our studios will be two floors above you at 400 north capital and we will start focusing on the legislation and policies there, and we're going to start talking about that news, we're going to bring out newsletters, we're going to have social media, facebook and twitter and we're going to have live shows, go
10:23 pm
on across the country, different conferences in the upcoming future. so i'm very excited about the fact that i get to have that open discussion, i have a platform to talk about that, which is great about america, how the previous generation always wants to make it better for the next generation. >> greta: what a contrast in terms of that reality show, with the reality show goes to sort of the things that don't work in society, culturally. and you know, the many kids with the many different women, the single parents, to your show, where you're trying to educate, and inspire. very, very big difference. >> it's a very big difference, and you know, i'm the father of two daughters, 19 and 16, and the responsibility i have is to ensure that they have greater opportunities that my parents ensured for me. when i have my oldest doctor, pre-med biology student down in south florida, she wants to be a doctor, getting her to understand and explain to her and many other medical students out there, something like the health care law. and when we focus next generation start-up businesses
10:24 pm
and entrepreneurs, get them to understand the financials and ramifications. one thing really close to my heart we're going to be focusing on those next generation guardians, young americans between 18 and 25 out there making sure we live in the greatest nation the world has ever known. >> greta: congressman, thank you, i look forward to seeing you when you come back and you're two floors up from here. thank you, sir. >> absolutely, thank you, greta. >> greta: coming up, police officers warning the journal news and even calling the newspaper publisher a hypocrite. find out why and plus our legal panel is here next. and also a commuter train slamming into an apartment building, this wasn't just a crash. the train was hijacked, what's really weird is who the hijacker is.
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>> new york law enforcement officers have a warning for the newspaper that published a map locating gun owners they say it targets police officers on that map, the journal news will have blood on its hands. >> do you think that some of these criminals, they feel may want to retaliate against those officers or the officers' family? you are damn right some of them may want to retaliate and the journal news, that's right, the journal news' decision to place the names of these officers online with the ability to search through an
10:29 pm
interactive map that they have made the jobs of a criminal that much easier. we are here today to inform the journal news that you have placed the safety of every active and retired law enforcement officer and their family in jeopardy. we will, we will hold you accountable for your actions. >> greta: the vice-president of the affiliated police association at westchester, he joins us, good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta, how are you. >> greta: i heard your forceful press conference and curious, one of the things you're quoted saying, calling the publisher of the newspaper, the journal news, a hypocrite. why is she a hypocrite? >> janet hassan is an extreme hypocrite. for the last few weeks different folks in the media trying to interview her why
10:30 pm
did she put this list up in the newspaper? janet has refused to have an interview or a discussion with anybody. this is amazing that you have a publisher of the gannett newspaper doesn't give the press two minutes to justify why she would place an interactive map online. >> greta: in light of where we are on this. what is it you would like her to do, take down the map for starters, right? >> we called on them today, all law enforcement groups, retired and active members, have requested that the journal news pull down the interactive map immediately. it's placing a danger-- placing the lives of our members, active and retired, in danger and it's also placing the general public in danger who own gun permits. >> greta: and i take it, it's just like the publisher won't talk to the media, i take it the publisher is not taking your calls or your representative's calls to give an explanation about whether
10:31 pm
she will take it down or won't take it down or why she won't take it down, if she won't? >> the irony is i have reached out to her, i have not received a phone call. she has sent her reporters to our press conference. i did give her reporters the respect of answering their questions, maybe, maybe i shouldn't have, but i did and 'cause we hold ourselves to a higher standard. we would like her to take down the list immediately and that's our request. >> greta: i'm curious, what kind of questions were asked of you by her reporters? >> well, the irony of her reporter today was we basically read a statement i don't remember verbatim, but basically told the journal news we're placing you on notice that if any criminals, excons show up at any of our members' homes and there's an incident, that we will hold the journal news accountable. so, her reporters said, what do you mean by holding us accountable? >> he was obviously trying to
10:32 pm
bait me and i told him, we will pursue any legal remedies available to us to go after the js and the gannett news. >> greta: new york state governor cuomo today signed a new law, to the package of gun control laws, i'm curious whether or not you think this was a-- this is a good law or not a good law. >> to be quite honest with you, i think it just got signed into law a couple of hours ago, there's a portion of the law that we do support, wholeheartedly. we've been pushing for legislation that would make it illegal for the gannett newspaper and other news media to request by virtue of freedom of information act to get the names of law enforcement officers from the county clerks who own gun permits and that is in that legislation, so, effective immediately, i would request that the journal news take that list down, because they are breaking the law effective this afternoon when governor
10:33 pm
cuomo signed that legislation or signed that into law. so, they need to start following the law and pull down their interactive map immediately. >> greta: bob, thank you. >> thank you very much for the time. >> greta: and ever since the journal news published that interactive map, some police officers are saying, they're scared for their families, correction officers are being taunted by prisoners, and one gun owner's home has been burglarized. so should the newspaper be worried about a lawsuit? joining us our legal panel in san francisco, former prosecutor michael cardoza and here in washington, defense lawyers bernie grimm and ted williams. bernie, people say can you sue? you can sue, but whether or not you're successful. whether this newspaper should be worried about something. >> no, it's freedom of the press. they can put it out there. there's harm in this and the gentleman seems sincere and bothered by it and if i was a police officer i wouldn't m want my address out there
10:34 pm
especially the folks. there's know proximate cause, the two guys that burglarized the house, whether they read the newspaper. my guys want to be there, vacation, somebody's at the movies, grab the jewels and cash, get out. >> mike, he wants to hold them accountable if something happens, what does it mean, hold accountable? >> like he said, whatever is legally available to them. sue them for wrongful death if someone should get killed, but here is the question i have and here is what begs the question, this list gets put out. and to me, it's not very well thought out by the newspaper. but they put a list of gun owners out. did they put next to those names, this is a police officer? or did the police, by doing this, alert the entire nation that police officers are on that list, so all of us can now go, if we're after a police officer, go to the
10:35 pm
police and go, oh, he let's see is officer smith on this list? oh, here he is. now, let me go after him. so, could the police not have done it a different way? if in fact they weren't listed as cops on that list and just as a gun owner, so, just a question. >> greta: yeah, and let me just say so i can bail you out, if i think some viewers think, you're the not suggesting that the police did anything wrong, but rather may have inadvertently stepped in something, i take it you're not blaming the police. >> absolutely, no, no, not blaming the police at all. >> greta: okay. >> what i'm saying they may or should have gone about it differently than draw a big red circle around this. hey, everybody, cops are on that list. >> greta: i'll disagree with you, but let me go to ted first and tell you why. >> fair enough. >> and michael, i clearly disagree with you. what is happening, these law enforcement that are active and inactive law enforcement have found that some of the criminals have come to them in penal institutions and represented that they had
10:36 pm
their addresses and with some specificity, even gave the law enforcement officer or the correction institution officer their address. so, this is very alarming to these people. they have a right to be afraid. the thing about it is, shame, shame on this newspaper. yet, you have a first amendment right and nobody's trying to abridge that right, but there are limits, even to the first amendment. and you don't go about giving out individual's privainformati. >> my thought on this, the cow out of barn, it's already published and their name is now mud. people are trashing the power of the media because the media has been responsive in terms of public sizing this story and i think it's interesting that the publisher doesn't come out and talk about, you know, why the publisher hiding, doesn't want to hide who the gun owners are and i'd like to hear from the publisher and interview the publisher, that's called fat chance and i'm taking the last word.
10:37 pm
gentlemen, thank you. today the state of new york as we noted passing the nation's toughest guns restrictions and the sirs since the connecticut school shooting and n.r.a. is outraged at the law, including an assault weapons ban and mandatory background checks for buying ammunition and n.r.a. firing back, calling the gun control law draconian and accusing governor andrew cuomo and lawmakers making a secretive end run around the legislative and democratic process. n.r.a. saying the law will have no impact on public safety or crime. and coming up, are you a fan of the united nations? if yes, well, that might change. you might scream at the television when you hear our next segment. former u.n. ambassador john bolton is here, that's next and in two minutes, a school principal turned home movie star and talk about dumb. he showed his starring role to his students and now he's in double trouble. we're going to see that v v v vv ♪
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. >> greta: did it principal go too far. and arnold schwarzenegger and starred in a spoof of the terminator and he called it the nominator and showed the parody film to students. >> some say he was sent from the future, but was he sent to save us? >> nominator. >> we are all doomed. >> greta: some parents are outraged by the violence in the principal's film and they say in light of the newtown shooting it should never have been shown to students. so why did the principal make such a controversial video? well, he's new to the school and just wanted to introduce himself to the students and school officials say he made a poor decision. they did suspend him for two days and we want to know what you think about the film. go it and we're back in two. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ [ indistinct shouting ]
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>> here is one that will make you ask where did my tax money go. the united nations development program is supposed to be the anti-poverty agency. according to the new study the agency is not doing much to reduce poverty at all and the scathing report showing agency spent 8.5 billion on anti-poverty activities from 2004 to 2011. and since u.s. pays for about a quarter of the u.n.'s total budget. where is all of this money going? former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us, good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> greta: a lot of money to spend on poverty, we would hope we're ahead of the game on poverty? >> why are you surprised? this is the united nations at work. part of the problem with a lot of u.n. programs you can measure the input, billions spent. you can't measure the output. i think this report, the executive summary we have. when the whole thing comes out it will be interesting to read because it's an admission that they don't really know what effect their activities have.
10:44 pm
>> greta: i'm so curious, why the commission a study of themselves if they're inept in terms of taking the money and knowing where it went and eradicating poverty or at least getting a jump on it? >> well, i think they believe that the donors measure the inputs and care about that and frankly, so do many of the recipient countries. this is a wealth transfer operation. even though the u.n. is funded by voluntary contributions it's like an assessed program and inefficient and the trillion dollar budget would be that congress zero out the u.s. contribution. >> greta: i've traveled to many countries and lucky in in job and private-- i've seen the money goes and the product is. when i see the numbers, is there any, any product? what are they doing with it? >> well, a lot of the money goes for, to fund non-governmental organizations, but also, a lot
10:45 pm
of it goes through governments and the governments have their own objectives in mind and a lot of it's simply moving money into areas where they want to see support. it's budget support. we're basically supporting the budgets of many third world countries, through the u.n. development programs. >> greta: i've seen a lot of u.n. workers on the ground helping ai know that food comes out of-- they drop it out of planes and i know a lot that's done, but what disturbs me if they can't track it. >> there's a difference between humanitarian assistance and disasters in war time and natural disasters on the one hand where i think the u.n. agencies like the commission for refugees and the world food program do good work as opposed to what they call development. which is in the multi-lateral sense, i think, just a way of funding government's programs, and subsidizing that, and at a time when our budget is constrained, it seems this is the time to say, maybe we've got other uses for the money. >> and i do to the
10:46 pm
humanitarian part and the people in the refugee camps and the development stuff, i guess i didn't realize the distinction until you mentioned it. >> i think this is something that as we look alt what we'll do and the debt ceiling and president obama says funding this development program is the same importance to our national government. as paying the interest on our national debt. and, look, the contribution is a couple hundred million dollars a year and the system is 8 billion dollars a year, but one can ask, what do you want to spend our money on. do we want to bring the debt down or continue to fund some of these programs which, as this report indicates, you can't prove they're effective. >> greta: i think if-- i mean, it's one thing that's funded if you know it's effective and helping people. it's another thing to know that it sort of gets lost in the shuffle and no idea where it went. >> i think we've got to prioritize, i favor, if we're going to use foreign economic assistance i'd do it bilaterally, i think the u.s.
10:47 pm
gets a bigger bang for the buck than the u.n. >> greta: thank you. and a bizarre train crash in sweden, not just any crash, this commuter train was hijacked. the cleaning woman says she dieded to take the train out for a spin and able to drive the stolen train for three minutes before it jumped the tracks and the train slamming into an apartment building. luckily, no one in the building was hurt, but the cleaning woman did suffer serious injuries and facing charges and a jury sees more of the police interrogation of jodi arias, accused of is jodi arias, accused of is slitting her ex-boyfriend's [ female announcer ] your smile. like other precious things that start off white, it yellows over time. when it comes to your smile, if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest whitestrips whiten as well as $500 professional treatments. guaranteed. crest 3d white whitestrips.
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>> greta: lance armstrong lady gaga and mark cuban. twitter is on fire, did you hear what the detroit free praes pres is tweeting? the newspaper tweeting should she retire her assault rifle bra? really? the detroit free press is tweeting about that? and lance armstrong says he's guilty but is it only of doping?
10:52 pm
taking him to task tweeting lance armstrong only talking to oprah for easy questions and work towards getting his ban lifted. he only cares about himself. jimmy fallon tweeting oprah's interview supposedly lasted nearly three hours, like a regular interview on steroids. and if you're looking for a steal on a loan, egypt has a different approach to refinancing than we do here in america. tweeting egyptian grants loans to young farmers to marry more than one wife. next, mark cuban having a love-hate relationship with coca coala. first mark tweeting coke's k -- ceo is lying saying a calorie of fructose is the same as any other calorie to your body. but did have he have a change of heart? man i have been getting a
10:53 pm
twitter lesson in all coke is doing to fight obesity. kudoes given to kudoes earned. miss district of columbia giving us a shout out. she tweets tune in to on the record at 10:00 p.m. to catch my interview with one of high mi idols at gretawire, cross that off the bucket list. you don't want to miss it tomorrow night right here, so 10:00 tomorrow night what. are your faves of the day? follow me on twitter at gretawire, send me your top picks with hash tag, greta. and now, to the latest in travel, a woman accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend in the shower. was she just caught in more lies? prosecutors showing the jury more interrogation tapes and some statements, well, they're shocking. >> there is no reason for it. there is no reason why. there is no reason i would would ever want to hurt him.
10:54 pm
>> there is no way anyone else -- . >> he never raped me. he never. >> there is no way anyone else could have left your thumb print in blood on that wall. no way. >> if i was trying to ever try to kill someone i would use gloves. i have plenty of them. >> today, troy hays is back. troy i thought one of the oddest things she admitted to killing him in self-defense but apparently hacked into his voice mail after he was killed. what is that about? >> yeah. a couple interesting angles first, apparently she sat and listened to his voice mail for 16 minutes after the killing. and she had a history of sneaking into that voice mail listening to message as apparently how she knew he was going up to mexico with another woman, that made mai have been one of the thing
10:55 pm
that's set her off. we have pictures that came out yesterday with time stamps showing travis alexander probably killed june 4th. at 11:30 on june 4th, six hours later, she called and left a message upbeat, hey, how is it going? i got lost on the way to salt lake city. want to get together soon? she knew he was dead at this point for six hours, yet, still called and it seemed like she was creating an alibi. defense trying to claim she was an abused woman who just snapped. >> greta: and tapes understand she brings up the claim two other people killed him. >> well that is another thing. for the first time the jury saw her, saw her twice asked where you at the snous she said no. then, detectives slid pictures of her and said here is a picture of you nude on his bed with a time stamp. we know you were there. she said an hour later okay i
10:56 pm
was there. then asked her what happened to travis? how was he killed? oh, very no idea then, she said well two, men came in and killed him. he said two men came in and killed him? no. wait a minute a man and woman. so was it a man? man and woman? so again the jury seeing all that have playing out today. >> greta: how many hours of interrogation has been it?. >> looks like over two days. i don't know the entire tichl i imagine, you know, several hours, over two separate days. yeah. a long time she was in there. >> troy, thank you. looking forward to the next update. >> all right. great talking to you. ♪ [ male announcer ] born from the elements, destined to take them over. ♪ the sirius xm satellite radio in the 2013 ram 1500.
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